"Spiritual Diplomacy" Interview with Dmitri Chavkerov

Morgulis: Good afternoon or good evening or good morning. You remember, we always begin our program with these words. Because we really want the time you spend with us to good. I am Mikhail Morgulis with Spiritual Diplomacy. You probably already noticed that we are not in our usual studio in Florida. Today the program is improvised, because it is fate or the decision of God, that I ended up in Hawaii, the land whose name even sounds like music – HAWAII. Of course it would only be logical now to begin hearing the sound of the ukulele.

As you already know, our guests are extraordinary people. Because of this, I flew to Hawaii and now you understand why I am here. Well, remember that we want each guest to help you overcome your difficulties, help you cope with sickness and for people to not lose hope in this difficult life. We want each guest to give you more confidence and more strength, more love in this life. Today with us is Dmitri Chavkerov an unusual guest, you know why? Cause Dmitri believes in miracles. Very few people today believe in miracles, but he believes in them!!! Believes! Really Believes and he has evidence of miracles. Today he will talk about them.

I will say a little about him - there are people who live without slogans, not yelling to get noticed and quietly - quietly helping other people. Dmitri, as you noted is young, but has done a lot of great things in life, I witnessed it. He works perfectly with pragmatic things such as economics and finance, but also helps people from the heart. Together with our foundation- Spiritual Diplomacy, he helps feed homeless children, helping children with Cleft lip to get surgery. This sickness makes a person unhappy for life, but if you do the surgery on time a person becomes happy.

We recently had an interesting event; we flew to Arizona to see the Indian Havasupai tribe and had to get there by helicopters. We could not reach them by car and we brought thousands of fruit trees that we later planted there. For what you ask? For people that are Indians, for some reason there is a paradox between them and nature. They used to have many culinary dishes and natural foods, but they have lost the taste for natural things in life, and trees have to remind them that Nature was created by God to benefit Man.

I would like to say that although Dmitri came to America as a young boy from Russia, yet his soul was not nurtured here in America, or even in Russia, I have a feeling that his education and nurture was done by God. In the Holy Scriptures and the ancient prophets, Christ healed the sick; Christ healed a lot of the blind, mentally ill people, and many disorders. But many people say that those miracles were in the past time, that now there are no miracles. We all know it is not true, miracles do continue to happen, we just do not want notice them. Dmitri witnessed many incredible miracles, some that happened in our ministry, but Dmitri says that the testimony of miracles gives people the opportunity to believe that a miracle can happen in their life and give them love, happiness, and brings them closer to God. We need to tell people about it.

Well, I'd like to finish my introduction of Dmitri Alexandrovich, and give him time to speak, in order for us to remember together the miracles that can touch our hearts, to make you feel this is not just an exotic story but something that could help you, really help. Miracles help. Dmitri Alexandrovich after such a long introduction, I need your help so that together we can remember those things that touched your heart and can stir the hearts of our viewers. What do you want to remember first?

Dmitri Chavkerov: Well, a story that first comes to mind, when you were representing Spiritual Diplomacy in communist Vietnam.

Morgulis: Yes.

Dmitri Chavkerov: 11 Evangelical ministers were imprisoned there. As I recall, a very interesting story happened. You had a dream the day before you had to meet with leaders of that country. In that dream you saw the people who you were going to meet. As far as I know, you never saw these people before. It's almost like the voice in you dream said there will be 4 or 5 people there. There will be ones sitting there acting like leaders and one that will be just acting less important, but he will be the leader you need to ask for the imprisoned Evangelical Ministers to be released.

Morgulis: It definitely is a very interesting event, we came to communist Vietnam and it makes one remember the story of Russia's "NEPA" communist system. We found out and were told by one of the pastors that 11 ministers, pastors and priest were imprisoned in Vietnam. We had a meeting planned with the leaders of Vietnam, and yes I had this dream, I remember I told you about it. Yes, everything really did happen as it was in my dream. When we came to the meeting we were taken to a room where the people were there that invited us and the leaders.

There were four people that were sitting at the head of the table but at the side of the room sat a "humble-like" man like he was just a secretary, or a reporter. Well I remembered the dream really well and started to speak to everyone, then I just started talking straight at him, the man that just sat to the side. I told him I know that your country in progressing and you would like to get a line of credit. That you would like American support, from the leaders and the banks to lend you money.

I said you know that our country is Christian in general and is for human and religious rights, so if you have some violations you will not get any lines of credit. As far as we know you have 11 ministers, priests and religious workers in prisons. They all said "No No, No!!! We don't have any in prisons". "It is not true". "If we do they are there for breaking the law, such as drugs." I said how can such spiritual people can be there for drugs. Our meeting ended and I said, "well if they set them free, I will go to the United States of America and speak on your behalf in Congress ,and say look how the Leaders of Vietnam are coming to meet us to talk about freedom, not just politically but also in spiritual life."

The meeting ended and we did not know what the result will be of the meeting, maybe something will happen in the future. It is very interesting, some things may be so difficult for man, but not for God. We find out the next day, that the 11 ministers were released from prisons, and on top of that, they let us have service the day after next on Sunday with the leaders and pastors of churches of Vietnam.

Many people came and we told them our testimony about what happened at our meeting. We talked about how God is present everywhere in America, in Russia, in Vietnam. This dream that I had that you remembered is a Miracle. Because to be told who to speak to, I forgot to mention this person who was just sitting to the side happened to be the most important leader there, the Second in command in Communist Vietnam and he was in charge of such questions.

When I addressed him, he realized he will support us, he understood that the future of his country was possibly affected by the policies for spiritual life and religion. God by his wonders lets us know where, to who, and how to speak. Thank you.

Dmitri Chavkerov: I think he was also stunned that you spoke directly at him, even thought he was pretending not be a leader or significant.

I remember at the time when you were traveling to Vietnam, I had something happen, I began to feel closer with God. I felt you were praying for me. I began to feel such closeness with God that if something happens, I feel presence of God right away and it stays with me. One time it happened, after that I was so thankful to you and especially that it happened. I started praying very intensely for you. Then I wrote an email about it to you, and you answered me with an email because you were very shocked, because at the same time, same minute, when I told you I was praying, you had a very interesting situation. At the very moment you were getting a message. Maybe you can tell us this story where God once again showed a miracle.

Morgulis: Yes, I remember this moment; Dmitri really did send me a letter by email. The message said that he is especially praying for us right at that moment. We always pray for him, I always find a time during prayer to pray for him. Because, I feel that he has something special, a special calling in life. I don't always know what, but I feel it, but prayer is to appeal to God and when we turn to God for help or to you, or him, or any person, there is great hope that God hears us and will answer.

Dmitri Chavkerov: Pardon me for interrupting but I wanted to share that your prayer is very powerful, Many people tell me that they pray for me, but as you remember I wrote to you very often at the same time you prayed for me. I told you that you prayed for me at this moment. Because, I can feel it, and many miracles happened after you prayed.

Morgulis: Yes definitely, prayer is not just what many people think, just a conversation with God. It is to appeal to God for help and when you do it the appeal must be pure and honest. Not to think of yourself but of the one you are praying about. It is written in the Bible for that "when you get ready to pray, forgive". Many people don't forgive and pray for someone, God does not hear them. When you forgive everyone and pray, then there is big percentage, greater hope that God hears you and will answer.

When we had such events, God demonstrated that He hears it. For example back in Vietnam, my back was hurting and I asked for a massage at the spa at our hotel. When a young Vietnamese was doing massage, I suddenly felt this rush first it was cold air, like something was happening but others didn't feel it. She continued doing something and talking. But when this air started to enter me, I started breathing heavily, it became hot air. I understood something spiritual was happening. I didn't know it then, but later I found out that at that moment you were especially praying intensely for me.

It was so hot that I felt like I was burning, and at that moment the Vietnamese girl screamed and jumped back. She said something in Vietnamese and showed that her hand was burned. Everyone gathered, started talking and seeing what was going on. Seeing that I don't have anything wrong, but she was already too afraid to touch me, she felt the burning of my flesh. It was a very short event; it was like the Believers say the Holy Spirit. Like a torch filled I and it touched my flesh also. Not just inside my soul and that was how she felt the heat.

I said to her, "I know it's my fault", I then spoke to the owner, paid for the rest of her day, said she hurt her hand because of me, I don't need anything else. After I was leaving everyone stood back and didn't want to even shake my hand. Yes, that was a very interesting event!!! You know their English language skills were very basic, but I tried to tell them that it was a miracle from God, that there was a prayer that filled me with his Spirit.

You also reminded me of something earlier today…

Dmitri Chavkerov: Yes, You told me of a very interesting event that really struck me. You were in a car accident with your family and God saved your lives. Also there was a Bible with finger prints on the scene, tells us about it please. How did it happen?
Tell us the details.

Morgulis: Well this is so fast, these things need more time to think about. Many years ago, I was traveling with my family from New York to Chicago, we were driving on a highway called the Ohio Turnpike. I got a flat tire, in the car were my wife, daughter, son, and our dog. I got off of the road onto the shoulder, passing this white line, where you need to go in an emergency. I decided to change the tire, it needed to be replaced. The tire was in the trunk, and it was full of things we were bringing from New York to Chicago.

I saw a highway worker, and asked him for help changing the tire. This young man, an American, stood right by me at the trunk. I put the key in to open it, when all of a sudden I felt like someone grabbed me from behind and turned my head. I saw a big semi-truck as they say in English. I see that its tire has passed the white line and is going farther off the road. I understand now that he will hit my car. I opened the door and told my family to get out immediately, get out of the car. They had never seen me so angry before, they told me later. It was very hot outside and the AC was on inside. But they started to get out of car and I remember even my daughter looked at me mean, like I was being unfair.

They got out and I went back to the trunk where the young man was standing, I felt someone turn my head. The truck turned even more towards us and I was able to push the young man out of the way onto the grass. But in a split second, I was in middle of the fire and loud noise. It seemed like I was no longer on Earth, as if I was in another life because everything was burning, noisy and bright red. I saw my car, this big Cougar flying in the air like in the movies from this Semi-truck hitting it.

You know later, saw that my shirt was burned through in one place and smelled like oil, I threw it out later. I was that close to the crash, if I was 6 inches closer I would be dead. If I didn't reach to the side to push that young man out the way I would be dead. Everyone did think I was dead. Even our dog that was sitting on the hilltop with my wife, daughter and son, started howling like for a dead man.

After some time or short time, I just stood there with nothing and a man was running towards me. A police officer dressed in civilian clothes ran up to me saying "I'm sorry, you lost your family". I didn't lose anything just a piece of metal, my family is sitting over there. He said "Praise the Lord, people are always killed in these situations." What's interesting is that when we were at the police station, we realized that everything we had was lost or broken. Then I asked the young man who was next to me, "why did you turn my neck so hard?" He said "I didn't turn you or even touch you" . I said, "who else could it have been?" He said," No it wasn't me.'

You know, what's interesting I looked at my neck; there were 10 long brown finger prints. He said again: I didn't touch you." I still don't know who did that; I can only speculate who showed me that death was near to me. For me it is a lesson and also for everyone else. Because we are so confident, we drive a nice car singing songs, everything is fine and all of the sudden something happens in life and death is facing us, walking next to us. We ended up with nothing, lost everything, Praise the Lord he saved our lives, saved my family. By some reason and mercy he also saved me.

Dmitri Chavkerov: I also wanted to remind you of the fact that many of your things did burn up, but there remained one Bible. You still have it.

Morgulis: Yes, about the Bible, Yes everything was lost, but about 25 meters away from the crash lay this Bible. I found it sometime later. It's been thirty years now and it still smells like that oil.

Well dear friends, everything has an end in this life, but we believe that after every end comes a new beginning. We have to end this program with you and remind you that you heard and watched a program with Spiritual Diplomacy and with you were Mikhail Morgulis and our guest Dmitri Chavkerov. We filmed it in an improvised studio, from a wonderful place which many people call paradise on earth, Hawaii. We are on the Big Island in a city called Pa'auilo. It's an Island well…all of Hawaii are islands. That's not important, but what is important is that we talked about miracles and we wanted to be sincere, even if it didn't sound convincing for you. But all of this really did happen. I wish you well, May God protect you, and watch over your soul.